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Tanya Smith

Empower ​your brand ​with video

Are you ready to transform your content strategy ​and take your business to the next level? Join me ​for a virtual call designed to help you gain clarity ​so you can be the BOSS you’re meant to be.

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Certified Expertise

With specialized training Myers Briggs, ​Branding with Archetypes®​ & other transformative methodolo​gies, I am commit​ted to providing expert

gu​idance on your journey.

Personalized Care

My heart-centered, analytical coaching ​approach ensures a deeply personalized ​experience, placing your well-being, but ​also, your results at the core of every ​coaching session.

Rewarding Results

Join a community of individuals

who I helped achieve tangible results.

It’s not just about video. We focus on ​creating positive, lasting change, ​helping you focus on the right things!

Tanya Smith

Your Trusted video ​Coach & strategist

With over two decades of experience in content marketing and video ​strategy, I’ve helped countless business owners and creators like you ​turn their livestreaming and social media efforts into successful, ​revenue-generating activities.

we focus on results

My approach is rooted in proven methods and practical advice tailored ​to your unique needs, ensuring you receive insights that are both ​actionable and effective. When you work with me, you're not just ​getting a coach—you're gaining a dedicated partner committed to ​your success.

Why Trust Me?


Dedicated Years of

Professional experience


Lives Transformed

Through my Programs


Satisfaction Rate

of my Customers

My Story

Back around 2001 as a new mom in a new town, I ​started my business as an outlet for creative ​expression while working full-time as a corporate ​analyst. I now support other entrepreneurs in ​gaining visibility for their brands and driving leads ​to their video content. I bring a deep understanding ​and practical insights to every consultation.

My Values

I believe in mastering your schedule like a pro—​finding that sweet spot between live streaming and ​actually having a life. Consistent, quality content is ​crucial, and I’ll help you create streams that keep ​viewers coming back for more. With the right tech, ​we'll turn you into a content wizard, making gadgets ​work for you, not the other way around.

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Unlock the full potential of your live streams with our ​checklist. Packed with essential strategies for busy ​service providers and creators, this guide will help you ​drive revenue and grow your audience efficiently. ​Download now and join our email list for more expert ​tips and exclusive resources!

My Services

Areas of ​expertise

Get Clarity, Overcome Challenges, and Propel Your Business Forward with a ​Personalized Consultation from an Experienced Coach & Content Strategist

Personal ​Development

Goal setting, self discovery ​and strategies to building ​on camera confidence and ​de​sign a winning brand

Content strategy & ​sy​stems

Creating efficiencies, ​leveraging automation, ​sales funnesl, and AI t​ools f​or speed

support & ​collaborat​ion

Never feel alone. Share ​ideas, best practices, and ​challenges with like-​minded ​entrepreneurs

Are you ready to take ​the first step to being ​more intentional?

How it works

The 4 Easy ​Steps


co​mplete the form

Begin by filling out a short form on our website. ​This will help us understand your current ​challenges and what you're looking to achieve. ​Be as detailed as possible to ensure we can ​make the most out of our time together.


select a tentative date

After submitting your application, choose a date and ​time that best fits your schedule for the call. This is a ​preliminary step to help us align our calendars.


re​view & confirm

Once we receive your application and tentative ​date, our team will review your details. If we ​believe there's a potential fit, we'll get back to ​you within 24-48 hours to confirm the ​appointment.


jo​in the call

On the day of the call, we’ll discuss your ​business, your goals, and the obstacles you're ​facing. This is your opportunity to get ​personalized insights and see if our programs ​can help you achieve your objectives.

My ​Programs

Crafted with precision, designed to meet you where you are ​and guide you to where you want to be.

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Jumpstart your journey with our ​incredible community at Stream ​Bosses Academy, where we learn, ​collaborate and share best ​practices for content creation


This podcast definitely changed my mood


1 or 3 hour bundle

Experience clarity in a single, laser-​focused area of your business -​whether it’s centered on your ​streaming, onboarding, guest ​interviews, or other systems


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90 day program

A transformative journey with our

3 Month Livestream to Leads ​Program. This allows for in-depth ​exploration, overcoming challenges, ​and sustaining long-term growth.


Not sure what program works best for you?

Book a complimentary Discovery Call!


What my clients have to say

about working with me

five star rating

andrea ​cristancho

"Tanya's workshop was 3 hrs of golden ​dust. Not only she delivered the agenda, ​but also answered every single question ​we all had, shared links to dive deeper; all ​while sharing this message: simplicity, ​consistency & commitment win the race"

five star rating

sean atkinson

"Tanya is amazing! The ability to take ​video lives that feels so uncomfortable ​and change them into a process that I ​can feel confident about going forward is ​a testament to her abilities and ​expertise. I'm so thankful for this gift​.

five star rating

valarie harris

"Tanya, you showed me that a strategic ​plan is most important for video planning. ​You are exceptional, and your expertise ​helped me strive to perfect my skills. The ​resources and platforms you shared have ​been excellent. You are phenomenal."

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FAQ - Frequently

asked Questions

How does coaching work?

Coaching involves group and/or personalized sessions, ​goal-setting, and strategies for growth. It's a collaborative ​process where a coach guides you toward achieving your ​aspirations and overcoming challenges.

How long are your sessions?

Sessions typically last 60 minutes, ensuring ample time ​for discussion, goal-setting, and personalized guidance. ​The duration provides a focused and impactful coaching ​experience.

Is coaching for specific goals?

No, coaching is personalized to your needs. Whether it's ​audience building, sales funnels, engagement, onboarding, ​or better tech, my coaching focus adapts to your unique ​goals. It's about empowering you to thrive in your own way.

What makes you unique?

My coaching is tailored, empathetic, and results-driven. I ​focus on your individual needs, providing a holistic ​approach to personal development, business growth, and ​overall well-being. Plus I have a knack for efficiency.

what’s your background?

I have been certified as a content marketing specialist, ​branding & marketing coach, Myers-Briggs practitioner, and ​digital marketing strategist. I also have 20 years of ​experience working with entrepreneurs to get results.

How often should I schedule?

Frequency depends on your chosen program. We host ​events weekly for our Academy and typically bi-weekly for ​private sessions. Consistency enhances the coaching ​impact, ensuring sustained growth and development.

contact me

Let’s get to know ​each other!









809 West Woodbridge Pkwy, Ste 500-387, Wylie, ​Texas 75098 United States

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